12 Best Projectors under 500$

12 Best Projectors under 500$

The best projectors under 500$ at are the following: 1) View Sonic (PX 700 HD) Best Projector (1080) Introduction: This Projector its super-power technology and InFocus Brand Features: DLP 1080, Lumens 4000 is, most importantly, profoundly versatile. In any case, light as may appear, it doesn’t feel unfilled. Performance: Although it misses some fundamental …

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TMY V08 Projector

The TMY V08 Projector is an outstanding and high-resolution 1080P Full HD Video Projector. It brings the 100 Inch Projector Screen to manifest the pertinent entertainment shows. It is a Mini-Movie Projector compatible with approximately your HDMI, TV, VGA, Stick, USB, AV, TF, etc. Natively, it is only designed for your Home Cinema and Outdoor …

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ViewSonic M1 LED Projector

The old time’s projectors are no longer the boring devices that are only made to be fitted into the ceiling walls. As we have the latest and modern generation ViewSonic M1 LED Projector. Also, they are portable projectors that simply add flexibility when and where to handle a presentation or watch your favorite movie. The …

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Au King Mini Projector 2021 Upgraded portable Video projector

Want to make your boring weekends exciting? Well, if you have to spice up your weekend and enjoy yourself with your family, then this is the one-stop product for your all choices. This projector can convert your room to a home theatre. The Led lights provided by it with a +35% increase in brightness can …

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Hompow movie mini projector

Manual of hompow projector: The Hompow movie mini projector рrоvides а reаlly gооd viewing exрerienсe соnsidering it’s рriсe. Yоu’ll get bright, shаrр аnd соlоrful imаges thаnks tо it’s 3600 Lumens оf brightness аs well аs it’s 3000:1 соntrаst rаtiо. Рlus, it hаs 480 рx nаtive resоlutiоn аnd suрроrts uр tо Full HD resоlutiоn (1920 x …

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If you are someone who likes to enjoy theater at home but doesn’t want to carry that traditional projector everywhere the n portable projector will be the right choice for you. It is a mini device that helps to project your favorite video content in high quality. May it be watching a movie at home …

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