Dreametech D9 Robot Vacuum

The robot vacuum is manufactured by the “Dreametech Co. Ltd” company in the United States. The product (Item Model Name – Dreame) got launched the previous year in October 2020. The unit (Model Number – D9) is available in 2 colour variants “White” and “Black”. You can buy it from many sites, but to grab the best deal get it from www.amazon.com (ASIN – B08HKYVRTG) at the price of 252 US dollars.

Quick note: The cost varies with the colours and also keeps fluctuating as per demand. The device received a customer rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 and #48 ranking in the Robotic Vacuums Department all over the world. The dreame has a dustbin volume of 570ml, weight of 3800g, water tank capacity of 270ml, the max suction power of 3000Pa. The brand supplies a 1 Year warranty on the main item, breakage due to any kind of external force will not be given in the coverage period. Although, to know more about the gadget, visit the official website www.dreametech.com and check out the listed items.

Structural details of Dreametech mop cleaner

The movable robot cleaner is made up of premium quality plastic and metal both. The unit weighs around 10.18 pounds and has a 13.78 * 13.78 * 3.94 inches dimension structure. The coloured body panel has a “dreame” branding up top with 3 functioning buttons (spot clean, power ON/OFF, home to charge) present at the edge. Half part is openable for the dustbin access, reset button and status LED indicator.

Several sensors are given at the side for obstruction detection, wall distance sensor on either side and outlets are created for clean air suction. The other side has an air exit vent with a clean filter given inside that catches all the dust on its way out. Coming down to the bottom part, it has a 360 Degree front wheel and 2 extra side wheels for moving the D9 from one place to another. 2 charging connectors are located at the front for plug-in connection, along with powerful suction sensors. A 3 Wing brush is also attached at one side, adding the strong motors in the centre.

The connectors for the water mop are fixed on either side, for the bad to clip on during floor cleaning. The main brush goes at the centre which is reusable after certain maintenance. The power cable is long enough to buckle up at any length and is compatible with most switchboards out there. The dock station has an IR transmitter, power cable port (on the rear) and 2 charging connectors for supplying charge. With this, the description of the Dreametech cleaner comes to an end, if you have more quarries call the technical department at 400-875-9511.

Unboxing the Dreametech D9 suction cleaner

The white box is delivered in a rugged packaging system, that comes straight from the company warehouse itself. The import, export taxes are none, and the D9 will reach you within a 14 to 16 Day time period. Opening up the lid, you will see some paperwork such as warranty booklet, manual and start-up guide kept in a section. Beneath that is kept the main dreame robot cleaner covered in thick plastic. Minibox frames are designed underneath that to keep the accessories in order.

They contain a power cord (Adaptive charging – 40W), charging dock, brush winglet and mop. That’s all you get with the Dreame cleaner, keep all the documents properly to claim a warranty in future. You have to admire the packaging mechanism for the unit, the box itself has a transportable handle for movement and is quite hardy as well which saves it from breakage. If anything, apart from this is missing from the box, contact the Amazon customer service person and inform him about the fraud.

Features of Dreame D9 2-in-1 robotic cleaner

  • The D9 has plentiful features that come installed with the device. It has a 5200 MAH battery that runs for 150 minutes on a full single charge. Even at low power, it can cover up to 2153 square feet area once. The gadget can run tireless surrounding the whole house and will return to the charging dock once the job is finished.
  • The device is app-controlled, voice-controlled and even manually controlled. You can activate it using Amazon Alexa and can deliver orders directly through speech. Speak out the command “Alexa, turn off/on the vacuum” and it responds instantly, sweeping down 2691 square feet at once.
  • Smart high-precision sensors

    The smart high-precision sensors installed at all sides protect it from collision from the wall or any other fixed obstacle. If it’s the end of the floor, the device will either return to the charging station or clean the leftover place around that area. The anti-fall features prevail it from falling off from the steps. The D9 can climb to a crossing height of 0.8 meters, without human interference.

  • If there is someplace already clean or you don’t want your robot to visit the area simply customize it through the app.
  • Turn on the No-Go line feature and activate the virtual mapping zone. Line out the area and the dreame won’t mop in that specific area via the intelligent mopping system.
  • With the use of a smart SLAM algorithm, the dreame is able to clean 3 types of different floors (cement, wooden and tiles floor). Create cleaning routes, set timers and provide the home map for it to follow accurately. The D9 can sweep and map at the same time if required by the user. The robot works quite smoothly, without making much noise (max volume- 65dB(A)), depending on 4 different suction modes.

Installing the D9 mop and sweep cleaner by Dreametech.

  • After unfolding the device and its given accessories, try and attach them together at the given points. Now fix the power cable at a permanent location along with the charging dock on the floor to deliver a stable power supply to the D9. Note: Avoid changing the location quite often, as the product forgets only one returning path to the charging station.
  • After a single charge (generally takes 2 hours to full power), take it out for a quick spin. Press the power button on the D9 manually and then tap on the “Spot Clean” button. The robot will immediately clean a small portion in that particular area as a demo. Now to operate the dreame through the smartphone, download the “Mi Home” application on your mobile. The app is quite popular and commonly used to operate many devices, available at all app stores.
  • App

    Open the app using your random log in credentials (email and password). Choose the “Vacuum Cleaner” option from the displaying window, and select your cleaner according to the model. Get it all set up and connect it with your home Wi-Fi network by typing in the access password correctly.

  • Create the room map on your phone and schedule timings for the robot to work too. You can use the lines feature to restrict it from entering the specific section of the room and generate a regular cleaning mode depending on your floor bed. Even if you are outside, you can operate the device by just connecting it to the Internet.
  • Activate the voice feature and speak out commands through the Amazon Echo device, if your hands are full. The device cleans an area 2 times, first, it sweeps the area and makes the area dust free, then it mops the area with water (add the bag filled with fresh clean water) and allow it to clean the spot.

FAQS and Troubleshooting

How to take care of and maintain the D9 dreametech cleaner?

Keeping the D9 is the most difficult part, after buying it. To ensure its performance, the state of the execution of health and battery, it is necessary to take responsibility for cleaning them deeply on a weekly basis. The robot requires cleaning, as well as replacing the pieces/parts every 2 or 3 months. You need to load the void (charge) once after finishing one or two cleaning rounds the whole house so that it does not go to low power.

Whenever the Dreame is not cleaning or has stopped working midway, try to load it physically for a while to resume its intended work. Brushes, bumper, filters, wheels, springs and loading doors require dusting and cleaning once a week. Even the dumpster needs to recycle every day after the D9 ends 2 rounds around the house. Empty the garbage more than once a day, if your home has more than one pet.

Finally, replace both the brushes and filters every 3 months, fill water in the mop bag to ensure that it doesn’t run out of water anytime while cleaning a spot. They break, they threw themselves and dirty internally, which makes them incapable. Buy new accessories from the official website or order them from Amazon as per your preferences.

How to restart, reset the robot vacuum cleaner by Dreametech?

To restart the device, simply power off and on the device by using the physical button present on the device. You can also kill its charge and let it rest for a day if the D9 has been working regularly. Doing this provides the system with a bit of rest as well as gives time to clean/check its internal system as well. To fully reset the device, open up the front panel of the dreame robot and press the “Reset” button manually. Remember, doing this will automatically erase all the pre-customized from the app as well as the robot and put it back to its default settings. You will need to configure everything freshly from the beginning, as the cleaner may have forgotten its way back home as well.

How to update firmware on the Dreame D9 vacuum?

The software update is pushed by the company itself, after a certain period of time. You can view the about section of the vacuum model through the designated app and check the latest firmware there. If one is available, you can directly upgrade it via your mobile data or it will automatically install itself during non-usage hours if it remains connected to the home Wi-Fi network. The app being associated by many company materials requires plenty of security patches which it gets through the MI brands on a monthly basis.

How to tackle the Wi-Fi network issue on the Dreame Wi-Fi automated vacuum cleaner?

The Wi-Fi association between the robot and home organization disturbs constantly. This is the most grumbled issue among every one of the clients worldwide over the long haul. The answer to this issue to this difficulty is very simple, yet running a few changes. The robot reacts just to the 5 GHz recurrence data transfer capacity Wi-Fi organization, if your switch supplies 2.4 GHz recurrence, it may not react consistently. Type in the right username and secret key, as inaccurate composing of the login accreditations will give a yield of no association by any means.

The reach likewise matters, if the Wi-Fi range is less around the house, the robot will react gradually or may not react. Introduce an extender at the furthest pieces of the house, on the off chance that you have a greater one. Never attempt to set the D9 free, before the robot is prepared. Go through the establishment methodology bit by bit to get a healthy and solid association. With everything taken into account, circle back to these potential foundations for the issue creation to keep away from any future errors.

How to dispose of the D9 spot missing or rehash cleaning issue?

The Dreame robot can exhibit this issue at times. It might have hit the dangerous watery floors or have been forever impeded by the dividers of any sort. To avoid these sorts of difficulties, don’t liberate the robot until the floor has evaporated. Assuming the actual robot cleans the spot utilizing water, the shrewd gadget won’t continue going to that spot as indicated by the guide.

Ensure you utilize the actual boundary mode and pre-set its way keeping away from checks in advance. Small-item obstruction can show the recurrent cleaning issue. In the event that you would prefer not to physically help the robot each time this occurs, remember to get the superfluous items that are set down on the ground before it begins cleaning. These hindrances that make the issues are ropes, toys, jars, controllers, and so forth protests.

Dock station returning issue on the Dreametech vacuum robot?

Robots will in general glitch inside their framework eventually of time on customary utilization. We can’t comprehend their language, however, we sure can go through our innovative mix-ups. To prevent the programmed vacuum cleaner from rehashing this issue, notice the dock station is appropriately positioned and associated or not. Any issue in the two of them can make detachment with the cleaner bringing about not getting back.

Try not to move the dock station while the tidying method is on, the robot just realizes a single direction way back to its centre point. Moving the dock to somewhere else will make miss the executives in its framework, and the D9 will quit working halfway. Continuously make sure to liberate the device for cleaning, from its base station. On the off chance that the vacuum begins cleaning from somewhere else separated from the dock, it will create making this difficulty.

How to address the D9 Dreame vacuum charging issue?

There are 5 potential reasons because of which this kind of mistake happens ordinarily. Check if the robot is switched off or not, if not kindly switch it off. Additionally, notice the association with the dock station, the pins should remain connected appropriately with the charging contact. The dock station ought to likewise remain associated with the force supply source to fabricate a consistent progression of charge. The battery can make an issue, in case it’s completely drained off, go ahead and contact the client care or supplant the battery with another one, to guarantee continuous work. The power wattage ought to be in excess of 40 Watts on the board, to supply an uninterruptable quick charge to the gadget.

How to determine the D9 Dreame work impediment and clamour issue?

Numerous a period, the cleaner can quit working while at the same time cleaning or may get stuck someplace. It can get deterred by an entryway, bed, or any sort of other things. The answer for this issue is short and simple, pre-set the actual boundary mode to stay away from an actual block of any sort. This guarantees that the robot doesn’t hit any enormous article in its way and stick to it. The infrared sensors consequently recognize the obstructions ahead of time and shift bearing.

On the off chance that that doesn’t work, assist the D9 with escaping the stuck position and resume its work once more. The clamour making issues stay normal in the wide range of various vacuums also. This for the most part occurs because of the blockage of scrap materials, that it hits during its work hours. Not to stress as cleaning the robot on a convenient premise, decreases the issue impressively. Void the dustbin once sometimes after work is completed, this makes more space for the Dreame inside to deal with more flotsam and jetsam.

Reasons to buy the smart Dreametech D9 robot vacuum cleaner.

  • Much cheap and affordable comparing other robot cleaners in the market. Consists of both sweep and mop features which work as a 2-in1 function.
  • The device uses SLAM smart mapping and a LIDAR navigation system, that supports the gadget in understanding the pathway in a more advanced way.
  • Multiple infrared sensors help protect from obstructions and ensures an unstoppable long 3-hour work profile around your large house.

Review of Dreame D9 voice-controlled robotic vacuum.

With an increasing security concern day-by-day, people lack the faith they once used to have in maids and housekeepers on cleaning the house. They even don’t have time to do it on their own as they are busy earning to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, to enjoy their ongoing well beings, they purchase different gadgets nowadays which does their job for them even while they are away. Regarding today’s case, I will be introducing the Dreame D9 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner. The robot will do its job, without disturbing anyone, minding its own business and clean the house in a short time as well.

vacuum has a strong suction power

If you seem to have pets in the house, you may require to sweep the house 2 times a day to keep the floor shiny as usual. Enjoy a hassle-free, hands-free connection to the smart device, by just connecting it to a stable Wi-Fi connection.
The D9 can reach up to certain places where human hands can’t reach and clean every corner of the house with both brush and water. The vacuum has a strong suction power that can such any kind of sticky dirt, debris and small things as well, within a very short time. Make use of the navigation, schedule and map feature to make it work according to your will so that when you come back to the house, it’s clean already.

The wheels help the device roam around the rooms freely and the sensors protect it from getting stuck or hit someplace by an obstacle. The device is quite human and pet friendly, the infrared sensors dismiss the activity if it finds an ongoing work is going on at a place. You can also see the daily progress report on the app itself, and command it via Alexa if needed more. Nonetheless, for both quick alternatives and second thoughts check out Roborock E4, Bagotte robot, Gttvo vacuum, Yeedi Vac station, Mova cleaner, ZOOZEE Z50, VIOMI vacuum sweep, ILIFE V80, etc. models. To get extra information about the D9, chat with an executive agent at the official site in the support section.