NETFUN WiFi Range Extender Setup, Troubleshooting, and Review

The NETFUN WiFi Range Extender is a superior high Wi-Fi speed booster that is compatible with 802.11b/g/n standard routers. Usually, it delivers the 2.4GHz band technology network speed up to 300Mbps. It boosts the existing wifi network signal and covers hard-to-reach areas flawlessly such as dead zones and longer areas.

So, by using NETFUN WiFi Range Extender you can enjoy lag-free HD videos streaming, play online games, web browsing, broadcasting, and video chats. Generally, this repeater covers the 3000 Square feet areas without losing the network strength. The Netfun wifi repeater wifi network connects with various devices such as Fire Stick, Computers, Tablets, Google Chromecast, cameras, Web Browsing, Alexa Echo, Smart TV, Ring, Smart Phones, and more. Its powerful 4 External Antennas are helpful to get better coverage and it automatically selects high-quality frequency bands.

NETFUN WiFi Range Extender Installation with WPS

The NETFUN is usually one of the best wifi range extenders. That is compatible with any 802.11b/g/n/a/ac 2.4ghz wireless router through the WPS button. So, to get its network first, install it by following the given steps.

  • If you don’t know how to use it at first, unbox it.
  • After that, unpacking the extender, getting out the manual, and reading the Netfun extender manual instructions carefully to use it properly.
  • According to the location given in Manual, you should place your extender close to the router.
  • Also, keep in mind that neither you keep the extender too far away from the router or not to keep it closer to the router
  • So, place it midway between the router and then plug it both devices in the power socket.
  • Turn on your router power first and then to extend the wifi network also turn on the power of your NETFUN range extender.
  • So, if you get the Ethernet port network connection, then connect the Extender and router ports with the Ethernet cable.
  • Now, open your computer or any other WPS compatible device.
  • To connect the wifi network, first you find your device name from the wifi name list.
  • According to screen instructions, join the Netfun extender wifi network by using the WPS button.

Thus, your NETFUN extender installation process finishes now. Enjoy its network, by connecting up to ten or more devices like your iPad, smartphone, smart speaker, etc.

NETFUN WiFi Range Extender Login

After installing your extender properly, If you want to manage it. Then, first of all, to complete the NETFUN extender login process. To log in, here are some steps.

  • If you have to install your extender, then connect its network using the WPS button on your PC.
  • After that, by opening the safari, mozzarella, web browser, or any other searching platform which is helpful to log in to the NETFUN extender.
  • You can also use the NETFUN app to log in.
  • To login, first, open any searching platform or make sure the wifi network is properly connected on your PC.
  • Now, by searching the IP address or through the web browser you can easily find the NETFUN login page.
  • After that, still for a few seconds because your login cardinals is popping up on your PC screen.
  • If displayed, you have to put all credentials (admin username or password) in it.
  • At last, tap the enter key or finally click on login.

Thus, the NETFUN extender login process will be finished now. After completing the login process, now it is enabling manning your extender properly.

NETFUN WiFi Range Extender Manual

The NETFUN repeater manual shows all specifications about the new product such as description, how to expand the range by using it, or more. Before using your extender you must read all the necessary instructions which are most important to know for you. So, read the NETFUN user manual carefully. If you have not read carefully, then you can not use the extender properly. By using the manual, you can easily install it. But you can not properly manage your extender through the manual. So, to manage and get teh troubleshooting guide to follow the below-given instructions.

NETFUN WiFi Range Extender Setup

You can manage your Extender after the login. So, log in first. There are some steps to change the settings of the extender network or more that are given below.

  • To manage it, open a web browser or safari, etc.
  • By searching the IP address, login into the extender.
  • Now, the web-based NETFUN setup page is automatically open on the PC screen.
  • So, by click on this set menu, change your extender settings.
  • Through this menu change your extender advanced setting, customizable setting, wireless network setting, or more.
  • To change the settings, you just need to follow the given instructions on your PC screen that is most helpful to changing your netfun wifi repeater settings.
  • After making all the changes, you must tap on the apply option for saving all the changes which you create.

So, at last, your NETFUN extender setup or management process is complete now in a proper way. Try with the above steps, managing your NETFUN repeater.

NETFUN WiFi Range Extender Troubleshooting

The NETFUN range extender also affected the various issues. So, to fix or troubleshoot all issues, follow the below steps.

  • The NETFUN extender is not working properly when, if you don’t configure it properly. So, configure it properly first and then try to again turn on its power accordingly.
  • Sometimes, the NETFUN extender wifi does not connect, because your extender’s network is too slow. So, keep your extender closer to the router to fix it.
  • If your NETFUN extender keeps disconnecting or throws the slow internet, then disconnect without network using devices.
  • Apart from this, if the NETFUN Extender name is not shown in the wifi list, then you change your extender name or refresh your device.
  • Moreover, one more issue with the NETFUN extender is that sometimes the app is not working and the IP address on the web browser is not searching. So, to solve the NETFUN Extender IP address not working problem, first, reset your network connection.
  • Also, remove all the cache, history, or data from your device. To fix the NETFUN extender overloading issue.

Thus, your NETFUN extender troubleshooting guide helps troubleshoot the various issues of the extender. So, follow the above-given tips to fix all the issues.

NETFUN WiFi Range Extender Review

Overall the network extending devices get a strong signal when connecting to the main router. Before testing various devices, I finally bought the NETFUN range extender and I am very pleased with the Booster. It was able to get a strong signal from the booster. By following the manual instructions I easily set it up and all the NETFUN manual Instructions were very easy in comparison to others. I left out important basic instructions, I got from here or many websites, it was very easy. The NETFUN extender reviews are very interesting, by reading these reviews all the people purchase it and by using it very happily.


Q1. How to reset the NETFUN extender using the WPS button?

Just, locate the reset button on your extender. After that, press or hold it, just for fifteen seconds. Then, leave the reset button and start working it again accordingly.

Q2. Should I update the NETFUN extender firmware?

Of course yes, because it adds some new features to your extender. So, update it, if it is outdated from the extender settings.

Q3. How to know whether the NETFUN extender is connected with Alexa or not?

Just, install the Alexa app and after that go into the Alexa network setting. If it is connected with your extender then it shows your device name.

Q4. Can I connect the NETFUN range extender network with multiple devices?

Of course yes, you can easily connect the ten or more devices with the NETFUn wifi network. Just, you have to need a wifi security password.

Q5. Does the NETFUN range extender eliminate the dead zones?

Yes, using the main hub router network, easily eliminates the dead zones. Just, keep in the dead zone areas and connects your devices.