Hisense Roku 50-inch 4K UHD TV

Televisions have evolved a lot from what they were in their early stages to what they are now. But then, almost everything in the technological field shows a similar chart of evolution. It has been a roller coaster ride with the loops and turns to be milestones in technological advancements. The traditional TVs are no longer a good taste and neither are new-age televisions with only a flat-screen feature. Since everything has become smart in the process of advancement, why not get yourself a Hisense Roku 50inch smart TV. With its slick features and amazing design, the device is simply built to impress.

Even without mentioning the features that come along with it. Alright, let’s begin with listing out the features of the product that we bring to you today. Then we shall go ahead and explain a few procedures relates to it before sending it off by answering some frequently ask questions pertaining to the Hisense Roku 50-inch 4K UHD smart TV issues.

Hisense Roku 50inch smart TV features.

Here is a list of all the Hisense Roku 50inch smart TV features.

  • The Hisense Roku 50inch smart TV screen is built on the latest technology. Intentionally create to amplify the colors, contrast and even the brightness of the video. That ensure smooth movement of the frames on the screen. The Hisense Roku Smart Tv 4K takes the detail to the next level.
  • The television comes in dimensions of 43.9×27.9×8.9 inches when measure exclusive of its stand. That comes along with the television packaging.
  • The Hisense TV is smart. You will be able to control your television using your Apple or Android device by downloading the convenient Roku Remote control app from the respective application store.
  • The compatibility allows Hisense Roku 50inch smart TV and Google assistant to work with each other.
  • Hisense Roku Smart Tv and Alexa are also compatible with each other.
  • The Hisense Roku 50inch smart TV connected to a Cable box along with an antenna. It can be controlled by the remote control included with the product. That allow you to watch your favorite television channels and streaming services.
  • The Hisense Roku Smart 4K TV is Wi-Fi enable so you will be able to browse the internet with its built-in browser. You also watch your favorite shows on a number of streaming services.
  • The Roku Smart UHD Tv ports include 3 different HDMI ports to enable screen sharing from other devices of yours.
  • There is a USB port available to access remote memory. There is also an ethernet port for you to be able to access wired internet. Apart from these, there is an RF antenna port, an RCA video input port, an audio input port, and a headphone jack.

Set up your Hisense Roku UHD smart television

  • There’s not much that needs to be said about installing television. Also the same goes for the setting up of smart television. You just have to plug it in, put it in place and run it and it will work just fine.
  • Nevertheless, here are a few tips on how you can effectively make the Hisense Roku smart UHD TV setup a part of your room.
  • You could either make the tv a part of your tabletop or make it a part of your wall using a mount.
  • The Hisense Roku UHD TV stand is already given with the product so you don’t have to worry about buying separate ones from somewhere else.
  • Simply place the stand on the surface of the TV stand that you wish the TV to be on top of. Then, slowly place the TV in the ridges provides in the stand making it upright and you are done.
  • The Hisense Roku smart UHD TV wall mount is not include with the product. You will also have to be bought and install separately.
  • The thin finish of the TV makes it go very well with the walls while also blending in beautifully with the environment.
  • Download and install the Hisense Roku smart TV mobile application to aid you with controlling the TV easily. It also availing a lot of other features embedded in it.
  • Connect a cable set-top box if you have a subscription and enjoy crystal clear pictures and smooth frames with the Hisense Roku smart 4K UHD TV.
  • Moving on from the tips lets go ahead and answer a few frequently ask questions pertaining to a smart television.

Hisense Roku smart UHD TV FAQ’s

How to connect Roku smart TV to Alexa?

In order to connect your Hisense Roku 50inch smart TV to Amazons Alexa. Then you will need to have a device that operates on Alexa such as the amazon Echo series. This will allow you to connect your television to Amazon’s Alexa. Download the Alexa App on your mobile device and then connect your Amazon Echo series device to it. Then under add, a device finds and connects your television to it.
After this, you will see your Hisense Roku smart TV connected to Alexa. You will also able to use voice commands to control the television through the Alexa device.

Does Roku smart TV connect to google assistant?

The google assistant is compatible with the Hisense Roku smart television and is pre-install in the television. You can use it by using the wake work to ask it for different things. Unlike the Amazon Alexa, you will not require an external Alexa device to use the Google Assistant with Hisense Roku smart TV.

Roku smart TV not connecting to Wi-Fi?

The Hisense Roku smart Tv can be connect to the internet in two ways. The wired way and the wireless way.
You can use the Hisense Roku smart TV ethernet port to connect it to the internet through a wiring connection. This is a good way since the network will be stable and streaming will always be much smoother.

If you decide to do it the wireless way. Then you can use the Hisense Roku smart TV remote to get to the settings on the TV and opening the Wi-Fi tab. Turn on the Wi-Fi here and find your routers SSID to connect to the network.
If it doesn’t connect, make sure the router is not out of range of the TV. Also, make sure that the password for your network is proper.

What is Hisense Roku 50inch smart TV streaming service?

The service is provide by the Roku company. It is a subscription service that includes about 5000 different TV channels of different genres. This service is free for a year to all customers of Hisense smart Roku Tv for a year. You will be able to watch your favorite movies, Tv-shows, and serials for a whole year for free when you buy one of the smart televisions. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad deal.

How to install streaming apps on Hisense Roku 50inch smart TV?

You will be able to install all of your favorite streaming services from the Hisense Roku 50inch smart TV store. Here you will also be able to find a good number of games that you can download and play using the Hisense Roku smart Tv remote.

How to Update Hisense Roku smart TV?

There are software updates release for the Roku smart TV regularly, that have exciting new features. The Developers at the company always try to add exciting features. It allowing you interact more and more with the smart Tv with each passing update.

You will be able to install the Hisense Roku smart TV firmware update by going to the Roku mobile app and finding the settings. Here you will be able to see an option to check for system updates. When the search is done a “download and install” button will appear. By clicking on the button, you will be able to download and install the updates on your smart TV in no time.

What to do if the Hisense Roku smart tv overheats?

In the event of the temperature of the television rising above normal. The device will flash a red LED light indicating the overheating problem. All you need to do is turn off the television and wait for it to cool down. This may happen if the television is left turn of for a long time. Generally, this doesn’t occur a lot of time, but when it does. It can be solve by simply turning the TV off. The Hisense Roku Smart UHD TV LED status will let you know of the overheating.

Is Roku smart UHD TV Bluetooth enabled?

The answer to that question would be, yes. The Roku smart UHD tv is Bluetooth enable and you will be able to connect. Also connect by using your Bluetooth devices such as headphones, speakers and other Bluetooth devices with the TV. You also need to simply visit the settings on the Roku smart Tv and find the Bluetooth option. To connect a device, turn on the Bluetooth and click on the name of a detect device to pair.

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