Bitiwend wireless door sensor chime

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had trouble with kids sneaking out of the house and leaving the door open behind them while you mind your work? Most probably, your answer might have been a yes. Children are curious and who are we to kill their curiosity. So why not let their curiosity bloom under the protective eye of yours. The Bitiwend door sensor chime is a simple device that chimes whenever a movement is made at the door. Let me put this up simply. The device comes in three different parts that work together once you setup bitiwend Wireless door sensor in your home. The sensors, that are a pair and a chime that alerts you by sounding the alarm.

The sensors go on top of your door. One can be fixing on the upper ledge of the door while the other one can go on the door right below the sensor on the ledge. They work when the door is opening and the contact between the two Bitiwend door sensors is break. This triggers them to send a signal to the chime which sounds the alarm. Simple yet useful and unique. Another application of this could be at your office or your shop where you realize that a new customer has walked in when the door is open. It can also be used as a security device because it can chime out very loudly If an intruder tries to break into your house while you are fast asleep. As interesting as it sounds, let’s take a look into its features to understand what it has to offer.

Bitiwend Wireless door sensor chime specifications.

Here’s a list of the features that are attributed to the bitiwend wireless door sensor.
The operating range is very impressive being about 600 ft in an open area. It will be less in areas that are covered by multiple walls and large homes. But you don’t have to be worried about that kind of range inside a house.

  • The sound that the chime produces can be up to 110 decibels.
  • The chime has an option to let you choose between more than 50 different ringtones. Which is very convenient. I mean, variety is always better than having no options, isn’t it?
  • The door sensors are expandable. This means that although the products come with a singular pair of sensors and a chime, the chime can be connected to multiple sensors sold separately.
  • The customer service provides a year full of customer support solving any issue that comes up with your device along with replacements if the product is found faulty. This being said, there are always terms and conditions applied on product replacements.

Bitiwend Wireless door sensor chime technical details

The chime operates on infra-red technology, the same technology that the remote control to your television works on or even the sensor on top of your phone. It Is pretty simple of a principle. Let’s take a look on the technical details of the Bitiwend-wireless door sensor chime.

  • The manufacturer is Bitiwend, a company base on the United Kingdom
  • It weighs about 6.4 ounces including all of its parts
  • It uses 2CR2 batteries for its sensors and receivers which are include in the product while the chime is a plug-in device.
  • The installation is based on self-adhesive on the sensors and can be planted on doors easily
  • Other components are dual side adhesive tape and a bitiwend wireless door sensor manual.
  • The battery type using in the sensors is LMD.

Let’s check on the answers to some frequently ask questions regarding bitiwend wireless door sensor chime.

Bitiwend-wireless door sensor and chime FAQ

How to complete the Bitiwend-wireless door sensor chime setup?

Bitiwend door chime setup is very simple. It has all the components require inside the packaging so you won’t have to run around looking for things while trying to install this product. Here are a few simple steps to follow to help you to install your product correctly.

  • Take out the product parts from the package.
  • Slide the batteries providing in the pack into the sensors.
  • Use the adhesive and place them on the door. One can be place on your door and the other one on the adjacent ledge of the same door.
  • Make sure to align the sensors in such a way that they are not closer than 10mm to each other.
  • After you have setup bitiwend sensors and turn them on, take out your chime receiver.
  • Remove the package flap from it and connect it to an AC outlet.
  • Use the forward and backward buttons on it to select the type of ringtone that you want to hear when the chime is trigger.
  • Press the volume button to set the volume of the chime.
  • Long press the volume button on the receiver until you hear a ting sound to put it into pairing mode.
  • Within 5 seconds of that, you will have to separate the sensors from each other by opening the door in order to pair it with the chime.
  • The sound of the chime will denote that the device has been indeed pairing.

This will let you know that the bitiwend setup is complete and you are good to go.

Bitiwend Wireless sensor chime not working?

There could be a couple of reasons that explain why your bitiwend wireless door sensor chime is not working. Firstly, check if the sensors are place in the right way. They mee dot be place right against each other, facing each other and not more than 10mm apart. Any farther than that and there are chances that the chime will not receive proper triggers.
Secondly if your bitiwend wireless door chime is not working make sure that the sensors have a good battery. Choose a rechargeable battery which is not including in the pack, so that you can charge them back up. If the charge in the battery of the sensors is low then the sensors will not be able to send good triggers to the chime hence making it a problem for the chime to work.

How to change the tune of the bitiwend wireless chime?

In order to change tune of bitiwend wireless door sensor chime you will need to look on the side of the chime. The forward and backward buttons of the device are locate here. These buttons are using to change the tunes of the chime. You can press on them repeatedly until you arrive at the tune that you like and it will be set as the tune for your bitiwend wireless door sensor chime.

How to increase or decrease bitiwend wireless door sensor chime volume?

Right above the buttons that you use to change the tune of the sensor chime, there is another button that has the sound option on it. If you press the button one time it will change the volume. There are 4 options of volume ranging from 30 decibels to 110 decibels which is as loud as a bike. Also, if you press and hold the button for a lengthy period of time the chime will go into pairing mode and will pair with any sensor sending it signals for the next 5 to 6 seconds. This is already mention in the setup question.

Can you connect multiple sensors to a single Bitiwend door sensor chime?

Although the product only comes in with a singular pair of sensors, it does pair with multiple sensors. You will have to buy them separately. You will have to pair the sensors to the receiver chime one after the other. The setup process has already been given above. Just repeat it a few times with the different sensors with the same receiver and they will all get pairing to it. It is as simple as that.

Can I use the bitiwend wireless sensor chime on my pet’s doorway?

Yes, the same way that the chime can be use for doors being open by us. You can also use them on flaps that are use by your pets to wander off outside to know when they come in. But the sensor will chime in every single time your pet comes in and goes out, therefore, making it annoying if your pet has a habit of going out and coming back infrequently. The perfect would be to use it as either a watch over your children, a security device for your home or an alert system at your shop or office.

Are there variants in the colors of bitiwend sensor chime?

Right now, the company only has the product in a matt black color which is of course very classic. The LED lights are blue and alert along with the chime. The product might be available in various colors later, but for now, they are only available in a single matt black color option.

How many sensors can I pair with a singular receiver chime?

The greatest number of sensors that you can simultaneously on a singular receiver is 50. Which is impressive but not advisable. It would be better if you only try to connect about 4 to 5 sensors to a singular bitiwend wireless door sensor chime receiver.

How long does the Chime on the Bitiwend wireless door sensor chime?

The chime on the bitiwend wireless door sensor does not continuously chime but rings for 10 seconds and turns off automatically. There is not a particular way of increasing the time for which the chime sounds. The chime will not continuously ring if the door is left open. Which simply shows that it is not annoying in this manner.

Bitiwend Wireless door sensor chime review

The bitiwend sensor, in my opinion, is a very useful product. I love the design of the chime and the shape of the LED light. The chime is pretty compact and aesthetic to look at which makes it fit in easily with the environment. The sounds on the chime are also pleasant and not too harsh. The sound variation is good and plausible.
I like the idea that this makes it simpler to know if someone has open the door. Quite good for houses with kids trying to sneak out to play without permission. I would totally suggest this product. Amazing problem solver. Get yours today.

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